Adaptable technological solutions based on early design actions for the construction and renovation of Energy Positive Homes

What is LEGOFIT?

LEGOFIT is a Horizon Europe funded project whose aim is to design, implement and validate an advanced and dynamic integrative approach to accomplish Energy positive homes (EPH) based on smart and innovative solutions with a high scalability and replicability for building construction and renovation

LEGOFIT in numbers

  • 60%

    The building energy system with accurate forecasting and optimization approach developed by LEGOFIT can provide a reduction in the range of 60-70% of total energy consumption in buildings.

  • 30%

    BIM technologies allow to reduce design time by 30%, create a single base for storing and prompt exchange of relevant information, as well as save up to 20% of the cost of an investment and construction project by reducing errors and subsequent their elimination.

  • 30%

    Considering an average value for water consumption in residential buildings of 0.84 m3/m2 (STATISTA database), a potential reduction up to 30% estimated by the partners’ experts, it will be possible to save, around 3845 Mm3 of water per year.

  • 2%

    The rate of renovation of 2% per year, a high circularity level with a total of 10Mt of construction and demolition waste avoided and preparing for reused every year will be possible thanks to LEGOFIT