LEGOFIT is a Horizon Europe funded project whose aim is to design, implement and validate an advanced and dynamic integrative approach to accomplish Energy positive homes (EPH) based on smart and innovative solutions with a high scalability and replicability for building construction and renovation, through: 

  •  developing an innovative holistic design platform that encompass not only passive and active technologies but also their integration for smartest exchange of information and interoperability of systems based on Building Information Modelling (BIM), available for both professionals and end-users
  • integrating active and passive strategies (e.g. envelope, HVAC systems, integrated solutions, including nature based solutions, etc.) with smart management technologies (BAS, BMS) for climate neutral and high energy building performance providing maximum flexibility to users
  • investigating innovative routes for promoting minimum environmental impacts by the smart use of solid and liquid residues generated during building life cycle stages and 
  • fostering sustainable stock of buildings by guaranteeing not only the fulfillment of sustainable criteria (economic, social, environmental) but also according to the enhancement of smart readiness of buildings.

This innovative and integrated approach is demonstrated in 3+ demos across a range of geographical, cultural and construction stages/technological market maturity scenarios. The building typology focus is the residential sector, multifamily houses and dormitories, including both new and existing constructions. The involvement of professionals in the sector is ensured through the development of a community of stakeholders and an open innovation community for Building Energy System (BES) professionals. Training courses focused on the new positive energy house approaches will ensure a new generation of multidisciplinary team of experts on the topic.


LEGOFIT has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. This project is carried out by 20 partners from across Europe that aims to design, implement and validate an adaptable and dynamic integrative approach to accomplish multi-family residential buildings energy positivity.

The project, coordinated by Demir Enerji, started in 05 2023 and will last 48 months. LEGOFIT targets the optimization of energy performance improvement activities throughout the lifecycle of the residential building, by means of a holistic design approach based on the digitization of building-related data, their centralization in a BIM-based repository and the interoperability with different horizontal services aimed at providing energy positive performance, sustainability and well-being to new and existing EU houses.

Main Objectives:

  1. Develop a holistic approach for designing new and renovating existing residential buildings into energy positive, sustainable homes through a predefined but flexible and customizable process.
  2. Develop a comprehensive BIM-based modular platform for streamlined integration of passive and active technologies (including nature-based solutions) with an advanced use of smart management technologies in new constructions and renovations.
  3. Develop a decision-making algorithm for facilitating tailored solutions implementation and guaranteeing the achieving of key performance goals adaptable to different user profiles and lifestyles
  4. Investigate and apply solutions to improve the circularity of materials in the building sector by enhancing recyclability and reuse of building elements and components at their end-of-life and enabling the efficient use of local available resources.
  5. Define and promote local co-financing routes for the installation of renewable energy technologies and nature-based solutions (NBS) for new constructions and renovations based on local market characteristics and building needs.
  6. Involve building occupants in the overall retrofitting/construction process to ensure user engagement, satisfaction and acceptance of innovations guaranteeing positive impact on human health and well-being.
  7. Enhance replicability and scalability processes for reaching energy positivity goals in the residential sector and promoting continuous improvement of the proposed construction/retrofitting process via iterative feedback from stakeholders in the sector.
  8. Create a standard, BIM-based and interoperable building performance framework for energy positive homes, the LEGOFIT Positive Residential Building digital logbook.