Pécs Urban Development


Pécs County Seat, located in the South-Western part of Hungary, is the fifth largest city of the country. Pécs is the largest settlement in Transdanubia. It is the seat of Baranya County and of Pécs Administrative Unit, and the centre of Southern Transdanubia. It was the European Capital of Culture in 2010 along with Istambul, Turkey and Essen, Germany. The city was selected among the 100 NetZero and Smart Cities by the European Comission in 2022 aiming at reaching the NetZero goal by 2030.

Role in the project:

The pilot building located at 23913/71, Pécs, 9-10 Nagy Ferenc square is a 5-storey LPS building (large panel system) built in 1985, which was constructed with the technical content of the time.

The building houses one hundred municipal apartments between floors 1 and 5. It includes 6 units of services and shops on the ground floor, along with 7 garages and storage. The two residential blocks are connected by a central staircase that asymmetrically separates the two blocks, so that there are 60 and 40 apartments in the two units.

The building has a flat roof design, both the side walls and the roof have low thermal insulation capacity, there is no thermal insulation on the reinforced concrete panel structure. The windows and doors are obsolete, in the apartments they are made of wood and in the common areas they are made of steel and are not insulated.

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