Certimac is a technical body accredited for product analysis, certification and industrial research, Certimac offers specialist skills and innovative services to certify and increase the performance of materials and processes, with particular reference to energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, safety and healthiness of products and environments. Certimac works to support Industry in partnership with ENEA and CNR, its founding members and current majority shareholder.

Role in the project:

Certimac leads WP1 “LEGOFIT framework, drivers, assumption and potential” aimed at developing a common framework for Positive Energy Homes among all the Partner Countries. Certimac supports the definition and technical modelling of passive and active solutions and the relevant financial and environmental assessment. Certimac also plays a key role in the LEGOFIT comprehensive assessment of the circular materials/solutions of energy positive buildings by developing material passports and the LEGOFIT Circularity passport. Certimac actively contributes to devising guidelines for energy positive buildings and providing suggestions for certification measures and sustainability protocols.

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