Ener2Crowd is the first Italian lending crowdfunding platform for energy and sustainable projects and the largest European community of ethical investors. We facilitate and enable the creation of circular processes based on the collective access.

Ener2crowd enables SMEs, ESCOs, Utilities, and Public Administrations to find alternative financing for the development of environmental sustainability projects by raising capital from a community of investors who, in turn, ‘lend’ the money in exchange for a dual benefit: an economic benefit (interest rate on the investment) and an environmental benefit, stemming from the positive impact of the funded intervention

Role in the project:

Ener2crowd’ is involved in the Legofit project as the leader of WP3 and WP5.3, providing a crowdlending platform for financing the requalification of buildings outlined in the Legofit project. This will be achieved through local crowdfunding campaigns that allow all stakeholders to participate in co-funding the project.

Other partners