Bengt Dalhgren


We are today about 700 technical consultants, proudly bearing the name of our founder, Bengt Dahlgren.

With our technical knowledge, we bring real estate to life and ensure comfort in cities and buildings. Heat and cold production, distribution of water, air and other fluids, fire protection and safety, sustainability, light analyses, humidity, sewage, electricity and energy in general are our everyday. Together with our customers and partners, we do our best to shape the sustainable society of tomorrow. Our mission is to be the straight forward choice for employees and customers.

We are engineers with a mixture of cultural and technical background, from different parts of the world and various academic levels, some of us even active and internationally recognized in R&D.

Bengt Dalhgren also specializes in providing comprehensive geotechnical expertise to the construction industry. With a focus on soil and groundwater-related matters, we assist clients in efficiently and sustainably utilizing land for infrastructure and property projects and offer services that  cover various critical aspects, from soil investigations to innovative geoenergy system design, ensuring optimal project outcomes.

Role in the project:

Bengt Dahlgren ensures that the pilot data collection process is streamlined and coherent from the project perspective. Furthermore, BD is involved in the model development of technical systems such as heat pumps and ground heat exchangers.

Other partners