Aug.e is a young, international and driven team with a rich experience of completed and value-adding complex smart energy projects and products.  

Aug.e likes to work with people who are jovial, value teamwork, and perform their work with the necessary precision & passion. Someone who ‘thinks out of the box’ with an innovative mind quickly catches our attention! And surely we love to encourage creativity! 

Aug∙e, whose name ‘Augmented Energy’ reflects a purpose dedicated to energy transition, now offers the most complete and future-proof solutions in the field of smart buildings. The applications developed by Aug∙e have been designed to be easy to use and available on both smartphones and computers. With the support of Proximus, BESIX and i.Leco, it will continue to expand this ecosystem, particularly in three main areas: sustainability, comfort and maintenance.

Role in the project:

Aug.e contributes to several aspects of LEGOFIT that could be described as follows:

  • Developing dedicated BMS for the pilot sites, connected to the digital twins and linked with the BID data environment
  • Developing optimization and control algorithms for improving the utilization of the already present and newly installed energy assets
  • Improving the platform functions and integrated services over time for better building energy performance and better decision making for implementation of further future renovation actions.

Together with our partners we will work towards Energy Positive Homes based on smart and innovative solutions with a high scalability and replicability.

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