Ayuntamiento de Valladolid


The commitment to improving the quality of life of citizens of Valladolid through sustainability is at the core of the city’s growth. In recent years it has stood out for the management of pioneering programmes in areas such as renaturalisation, clean mobility, digitalisation, efficient construction, circular economy and new governance models. A roadmap based on a holistic approach has led Valladolid to be chosen as one of the 100 Smart and Climate-Neutral Cities that are part of an ambitious Horizon Europe Mission.

Role in the project:

One of the main objectives of the city is to use the expertise and knowledge learned to increase the replicability in both private and public sector. So that, Valladolid has a very active role in the promotion of good practices thanks to the development of educational activities such as conferences, workshops and the collaboration with other cities, institutions and companies through its participation in different networks. 

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